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Film Sites Listed in Alphabetical Order by Film Title
  • :: The ultimate Back to the Future Website with information about everyone involved with the trilogy.
  • Ode to Ash :: This site, as the title implies, is dedicated to the main character of the Evil Dead trilogy.
  • The Fourth World :: This site, dedicated to Heavenly Creatures, isn't regularly updated any longer, but it is a great source of information regarding this bittersweet film, including data about the real-life persons it is based on.
  • The Last Unicorn :: This site is dedicated to the 80's animated classic about a unicorn that becomes human.
  • The Last Unicorn Net :: This site is the official site of the to-be-made live action remake of the 80's animated classic.
  • Mugglenet :: This site is dedicated to all things Harry Potter
  • Ring World : A great resource for fans of the original Ringu, the american remake and the japanese sequels to the first Ringu.
  • Rockula Online :: This site is dedicated to the funny, little-known comedy about a reluctant vampire and his happenin' rock band with lead guitar by Bo Didley.
  • A Touch of Pink :: A new film with Kyle MacLachlan playing Cary Grant. That's enough to get my admission money.
General Television Resources
  • Episode :: Visit this site to read episode guides for your favorite television programs
  • TV-Now :: Visit this site to obtain television schedules.
  • :: An extensive database of all things telelvision.
  • Turner Classic Movies :: The best station on telelvision.
Television Programs in Alphabetical Order by Program Title


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