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Name: Brandi M. Mills (as of October 31, 2000: Formerly Smith)
Birthdate: June 6, 1972

I was born in small town in Missouri named Aurora. After suffering in the far inferior township of Mt. Vernon, Missouri for two years, my parents had the good sense to move back to Aurora, home of the Hound Dogs and Beagle Pups. And please, Don't Kick Our Dog.

Alas, I was forced to move away from Aurora at the tender age of twelve and was relocated to Southeast Texas. Groves, Texas to be precise. Home of the Indians, Braves and Warriors (notice a pattern?) which was about two hours away from Houston. I hated it with a passion at first, but eventually grew to accept it and made many great friends there. (Heya Allyson, LYLAS!)

Halfway through my senior year I was again relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas. It was pretty and the people were much nicer in general, but I still didn't want to be there at the time. But..I got used to it.

I did have a great time in college. Good ol' Arkansas Tech University, home of the Wonderboys. Go ahead - laugh. We all did. I spent six years there (yes six) obtaining a four-year music degree. No, I'm not stupid. I just didn't know exactly what I wanted to do (still don't, for that matter) and kept taking classes not of my major, which slowed down the graduation process. I don't regret a single class.

After that, I kind of drifted. I had a great year at the Humane Society of Pulaski County, but quickly realized it was run by a Board of Directors that were insane, affluent persons who had nothing better to do with their idle lives than to make animal care-givers miserable with their interferance and unqualified opinions. Ahem. Not that I harbor any bitterness. (One exception was Pam Nixon. In case she happens to stumble across this page).

Anyway, moving on. In August of 1999 I met my future husband, who happened to live in South Florida. In January of 2000 I moved myself and a few possessions to Florida, which has turned out to be my least favorite living location. It's warm...all the time. the people (in general) are the rudest people I've ever met and it's just too darn crowded! But I love my husband very much and the move was worth it.

Chris and I were married on Halloween of 2000. As you can probably guess, the 'theme' was Halloween and the place was decked out as such. We have one cat, Laura Audrey, and one dog, China, whom we adopted in December of 2002.

In December of 2004, we finally moved to Maine where we have always wanted to live. Chris is pursuing his writing career and I am pursuing any career. Hopefully I will be employed soon! So far the move has been worth it, despite the anxiety over lack of income, and we hope to live here permanently.

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