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So, how did the House Elections turn out?


Captain Picard is Disappointed

Okay, maybe I can be happy about my home state’s new governor….

Teabagger Bully

Paul Lepage - Governor of Maine

The Man in Black is Pissed

Thanks to all the ignorant, racist and homophobic morons for ruining another two years of my life. You do realize you just re-elected the same fools who got us in the mess, right? Assholes, all of you.

Does it all come down to Peter?

SPOILER ALERT: This post discusses things that have happened in season 5 of the new “Doctor Who” series

I’ve really been digging the new “Doctor Who” episodes. I’m warming up to Matt Smith even faster than I warmed up to David Tennant (whom is one of my top three favorite Doctors).

But I’ve noticed something about some of the props and story lines and it makes me wonder if maybe that non-cannon Doctor will finally be brought into the proper canon of the series. I’m talking about Peter Cushing’s Doctor, of course.

Peter Cushing starred as Doctor Who (they even called him that) in two feature films – Dr. Who and The Daleks (1965) and Dalek’s Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966) His Doctor was nothing like the television series Doctor. He was much more grandfatherly and even a bit of a bumbler. However, it was Peter Cushing so it was played perfectly. (Yes, I have a bias. Can you tell?)

In this 5th season of the new run of “Doctor Who,” it has been made very clear that past continuity will not be ignored. I loved the first 4 seasons, but Russell T. Davies – the show runner for seasons 1-4 –  was sometimes very self-indulgent and the stories often tended to ignore what came before Chris Eccleston as if it didn’t matter. If Davies didn’t come up with it, then it wasn’t pertinent.

Now that Steven Moffat has taken over, that sense of ‘oh, let’s just forget about all those other doctors’ has vanished. The first episode of the 5th season even featured film clips of all 10 doctors that came before Matt Smith. Yes, this happened during one of the Tennant Christmas specials, but this time it seemed more epic – like we were being reminded of his past incarnations for a reason and not just something to keep the fans happy.

I have a theory.

(But be warned – my theories rarely ever pan out. Almost every theory I’ve had about “Lost” has been completely wrong.)

It’s clear that the Arc Story of season five is this crack in space that Amelia Pond found in her bedroom when she was a little girl. It’s unclear whether this crack is everywhere, or if Amelia is creating it whenever she visits different places and times. What is clear is that it seems to be causing amnesia of some pretty important historical events – she doesn’t remember the Dalek attack on Canary Wharf for one. Unless she was vacationing with Donna Noble, it seems pretty hard to believe that she would just forget about something like that. And no one could forget seeing multiple planets in the sky when the Daleks once again tried to destroy Earth at the end of season 4.

There’s this issue of the new Daleks. They’ve very colorful. The series has had different color Daleks before, but not Technicolor. The only place that has had rainbow Daleks (that I can recall) is — in the Peter Cushing movies.

Movie Daleks

Movie Daleks

Series Daleks

Series 5 Daleks

Yeah, but so what? you ask. It could just be an hommage to the Cushing films. And you’re right, it very well could be.

But then I found out today that the new design of the TARDIS is very close to the TARDIS design from the films.

Here’s a quote from Moffat himself:

It’s not only the Doctor who’ll have regenerated in the new series. The Tardis has also undergone a significant makeover.

“There is a plot reason for it,” Moffat confirmed. “I always liked the Tardis from the Peter Cushing [Dr Who] movies, and wanted to make it more like that.”

Cushing's TARDIS

Cushing's TARDIS



Sounds like more hommage stuff going on, but what if it isn’t? What if Moffat is trying to reconcile not only past series contradictions but is also trying to bring in Cushing’s Doctor as well? Cushing has passed away, but that doesnt’ mean he can’t be mentioned or referred to.

Yes, just more wild speculation but there’s a big part of me that hopes I’m right. I don’t know how I would feel about there being Doctors in parallel universes but that’s one possibility of bringing in the Cushing Doctor.

(There have been two parallel universes that I have seen – one with John Pertwee and one with David Tennant – and neither of those had a ‘mirror’ Doctor. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one, but I had always hoped that the Time Lords were immune to the multiple universe theory.)

So, there’s my off-the-wall theory for the day fueled by my love of story continuity and admiration of Peter Cushing.

Fans is short for Fanatics

Miles & Ben: "Dr. Linus"

Miles & Ben: "Dr. Linus"

So, here’s another “Lost” post for you which will probably include spoilers. If you’re not caught up with all the new episodes and don’t want anything ruined for you, go away now. 🙂

I’ve been watching “Lost” since it first aired way back in 2004. I even liked the ‘slow’ part of Season 3, especially the second time I watched it. In addition to watching the show and coming up with my own theories (most of which have been shot down mercilessly as more information is revealed) I’ve really enjoyed the online community of “Lost” fans. We’ve all shared theories, quandaries, our desire to know the truth and in general how much fun we’re having with the show.

But I have to say, I’m not enjoying “Lost” fans anymore. I try to go to the same places and read what people are saying but all the whining and bitching is really getting on my nerves. All these years I’ve continuously read “I trust the writers to know what they’re doing.”

Now, all I read is, “I want to know what everything means RIGHT NOW – and I mean everything. If they leave anything out, I’ll hate this show forever.”

For example, in this past week’s episode “Dr. Linus” (my favorite of the season so far, but that’s no surprise since I have a very unhealthy fascination with Benjamin Linus), there was a great bit where Miles mentions Nikki and Paulo and the fact that they have $8 million dollars worth of diamonds right there in their graves. I thought that was funny, totally in character for Miles and a nifty little shout-out to everyone’s least favorite Losties.

So, when I visit one of my favorite “Lost” chats/discussions, what do I read about this? “This is exactly the kind of “answers”/closure/filler that I don’t care about and wish they wouldn’t waste my time on.”

I guess fanboys/fangirls are the same no matter what they’re a fan of. So many of them just can’t stand it when something they care about goes in a direction they don’t want, or that it’s not moving fast enough – or slow enough – or it just isn’t right, dammit! “I want Green Lantern to have black hair, not brown hair. Now it’s all just ruined!”

And no, that’s not an exaggeration. I’ve read about these ‘fans’ who will totally abandon something they profess to love more than anything for something as simple as a bad costume.

This also brings to mind all those Hermione/Harry Potter shippers who had a hissy fit when Hermione and Ron got together instead and started demanding J.K. Rowling change her plot lines and APOLOGIZE to them for being wrong.

So, the point of my rant? Relax, people. Yeah, it’s important to you and that’s great but when you start laying claim to something you had no hand in creating, you really need to get over yourself.

Me, I do still have faith in the “Lost” writers and producers. We’re going to get the answers to the questions they want to answer. All the other stuff that they’re going to leave out? I’ll just decide for myself. That’s one of the advantages of unanswered questions in fiction – for those willing to fill in some of the blanks themselves, they get a wholly original story that no one else has. “Lost” is not my property, but I have my own, personal version of the story that no one else can have.



After reading over this again I think I need to clarify something. The above makes it sound like I think fans should accept whatever is presented to them without critique. That’s really not what I meant. When something you like just starts to get bad when it was once good, the fan has every right to complain or abandon the project.

I guess what’s really been irking me is the pettiness of the complaints and the general impatience. “Lost,” in particular, is moving at the same pace it always has – and it has never been a break-neck show in terms of plot movement. What people have praised in the past is now being scorned.

Um, come on, guys

In general, “Lost” viewers are an intelligent group. You have to have some brains to keep what’s going on straight in your head – or at least what you think is going on. Do any of us really know? No.

But after the season premiere of season 6 I’ve been reading some comments, theories, etc. that tell me people are focusing way too much on the minute details and forgetting the big picture.


I’ll add some buffer space. If you don’t want spoilers, get out now while you still can.

Okay, you were warned. 😉

Okay, the bomb went off and it worked…and it didn’t. We have two times lines. Yay! Double the angst, glowering looks and “son-of-a-bitches.” One where the bomb did work and the plane did not crash and the island has sunk; one where the island did not sink but all the Losties were booted into the present – Jacob is dead so we know they’re in the same time period as Ben, Not-Locke and Richard Alpert.

In the timeline where the bomb worked and the plane didn’t crash, we are seeing differences – major differences. And for some reason, this is confusing people. Desmond was on the plane – and he was wearing a wedding ring. Hurley is the luckiest guy he knows. Boone failed to retrieve Shannon.

We have to remember that detonating the bomb didn’t just zip our characters back onto the plane – it changed everything related to the island from 1977 to the present – well, 2004, anyway. (Remember, that’s when the plane crashed.)

So it makes sense for Desmond to be on the plane. Even if he went on his life-affirming boat race, there wasn’t an island to trap him. Hell, maybe he won and proved his worth. Then again, it might not even be Penny he’s married to. Maybe he and Libby hit it off and got hitched.

Because the island is on the ocean floor it may no longer be affecting any of our characters and therefore, anything could be different. Granted, I don’t buy that it would have any effect on Shannon but that change was most likely due to the fact that the actress wouldn’t come back for the final season.

My curiosity isn’t about the major changes we’re seeing, what I’m most curious about is what we’re NOT seeing. I know the actor playing Walt is way too old to play himself from 2004, but we didn’t see Michael at all. Our favorite exploding science teacher made an appearance but we didn’t see see Libby or Nicki and Paulo.

Oh come on, wouldn’t it have at least been amusing to see our least favorite island couple return even for just a cameo?

Michael may have been left out due to acting conflicts, the whole thing with Walt’s age or something else. Personally, I’m taking Libby’s absence as a sign that my original opinion that Libby was in fact an Other may be correct.

We shall see…and I can hardly wait.

Tonight’s the night…for everyone else *sigh*

So, the long months of waiting for the sixth and final season of Lost are almost over – just 3.5 hours until the big event.

But not for me. I have to wait until it’s posted online.I love living in the country but we don’t have cable television and our antenna doesn’t receive a strong enough signal for the converter box to give us anything but our local NPR stations. As Pepe Lepeu would say, “Le sigh.”

I know I’m not alone but that doesn’t make it any better. All day tomorrow I’m going to have to resist the urge to visit my favorite Lost sites and discussions. I’ve done my best to avoid any spoilers and I certainly don’t want to blow it this close to actually getting to see it.

Oh well. In little more than 24 hours from now I’ll be able to watch. I haven’t been this excited about a tv show premier since the second season of Twin Peaks.

Return of The Week of the Dead

Film Title: Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Starring: David Emge as Stephen, Ken Foree as Peter, Scott H. Reiniger as Roger, and Gaylen Ross as Francine
Written & Directed by: George Romero

Ten years passed between the original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead but just try to put this out of your mind. You’re not really supposed to notice the passage of time because Dawn obviously takes place shortly after Night as far as the story is concerned. It simply wasn’t feasible to continue to set the movies in the late sixties when the eighties were almost upon us.

Despite the best efforts of officials and law enforcement, the undead problem has reached apocalyptic proportions and society is falling apart. Francine can’t keep her television station crew from behaving erratically, yelling at the scientific expert appearing on their currently airing talk show and from finally abandoning their position.

Meanwhile, Peter and Roger, members of the local S.W.A.T. team, are raiding a building, forcing the tenants to evacuate to safety. They fail, however, finding the basement full of the undead. After taking care of the problem they decide that it might be time to make a run for it.

They go to the television station and meet up with Roger’s friend, Stephen, the television station’s traffic reporter. He has convinced Francine, his girlfriend, to abandon the station as well – there’s nothing left for her to do since all the emergency centers have been overrun with the undead and there’s nowhere left for her to inform the people to flee. All four of them load into the station’s helicopter and take off in hopes of finding somewhere safe to wait out the returning dead.

They stop at airports along the way to get fuel and supplies. Coming across a shopping mall (a relatively new force of nature at the time the movie was made) they decide to stop and see what kind of supplies they can find.

They’ve hit the jackpot. Not only is there plenty of food and clothes, there’s an ammunition store that hasn’t been touched since the zombie outbreak began. Crawling in from the top they barricade a few storage rooms and venture downstairs to get what they need.

When they find it relatively easy to maneuver around the mall and see how they could make themselves safe here, they decide to stay for a while – just until things calm down and start to go back to normal.

Denial can be a comforting thing, so these three (soon to be four – Francine is pregnant) work to make the mall safe for habitation. They fortify their rooms upstairs and even create a fake wall to hide the stairwell, opting to use other means to get around.

After losing Roger to a zombie bite, Francine starts pushing to leave the mall, wanting to go north. She realizes that fighting for material possessions just isn’t worth risking their lives. The men disagree with her but she insists that she at least be taught how to fly the helicopter just in case.

As is usual, the woman is right. 😉 A roving motorcycle gang spots the helicopter on the roof and deduces that there are living survivors inside. They attack the mall, breaking down the zombie barriers and making a general nuisance of themselves. In all the confusion another member of our heroic team succumbs to a zombie bite.

Only two (well, three) make it away alive, leaving the mall for the zombies. But really, doesn’t the mall make zombies out of all of us anyway?

Of all the Romero Living Dead films, this is my favorite. I have always enjoyed post apocalyptic stories but not for the death and destruction of the apocalypse – for how the survivors pick themselves up and manage to go on living. I suppose to be more accurate, I’m a fast of post disaster tales. I have enjoyed all five seasons of Lost, but the first season is still one of my favorites simply for the ‘how are we going to survive here’ aspect of that season. Watching people solve the problems of daily living in extreme situations is very gratifying to me.

And there’s not much more extreme than a world overrun by flesh-eating zombies when taking a step outside for a breath of fresh air could lead to taking your last breath ever.

Rating: Ten Screaming Pumpkins out of ten

Lost Spoilers Ahead!

Back at the end of season three when we first saw that coffin and then heard the hate in Kate’s voice when Jack asked if she was going to the funeral, I knew it could contain only one of two men: Benjamin Linus or John Locke.
By the end of the episode last night I was convinced it was going to be Ben. I was so happy to see that I was wrong.
\'Da ManDon’t get me wrong – I like Locke very much. He’s been one of the best three characters from the very beginning but I have this unhealthy fascination with Ben. If I were on the island I would be very tempted to join the Others – and the fact that Nestor “I am Batmanuel” Carbonell is one of them would have nothing (okay, maybe a little) to do with it.Nestor

I was honestly surprised that the island actually, literally, physically moved. This is television and things like that don’t happen on shows that aren’t out and out scifi or fantasy. Lost has always been both, but not so blatant like Buffy or Farscape, etc. When the island went ‘poof’ leaving nothing but a huge ripple in the ocean (nice touch) I laughed. But I didn’t laugh in the way I’m sure a lot of the audience laughed. You know, the audience who has no imagination and have been waiting for a logical explanation for all of this. No, I laughed in happy surprise.

No logic here. Ben went way down below the island to a very cold place – wearing the coat he was wearing when he turned up in the desert – turned an ancient wheel and after a noise as annoying as Jim Carey’s screech it went bye bye. Right on! Find THAT Charles Widmore, you man who keeps showing up on all of my favorite shows.

Speaking of Charles Widmore – who is Sun looking for? At first I thought it was Ben – but then Jack said Sun blamed him for it all. But if it were Jack, she could find him easy. Go to L.A., find the stoned out doctor and take him out. Nah – I think it’s Ben she’s after. If John visited her like he visited everyone else, he probably told her about Ben killing the evil mercenary that lead to the freighter’s explosion.
And what the hell was Locke doing off the island? Did Jacob evict him, too? I think Jacob should give up with outsiders and just give the leadership job to Nestor


DesmondThis season finale did cause one reaction I don’t think I’ve ever had with this show – crying not because of a disaster, or sad ending but for a very happy ending. When Desmond and Penny saw each other I turned into a total girl and cried for them. There aren’t too many of those kind of moments on Lost and I was glad that it went to the third of my three favorite characters (Desmond).
Funny, two of my favorite characters on the show didn’t show up until season 2.
I’m not so sure that Jin and Michael are really dead. I mean, yeah, that boat blew up but time and space is awful funky around that island. Maybe it just blew them into the future or the past or…the desert?
And what about Charlotte? Was she born on the island? If so, is she the key to ‘fixing’ the pregnant women problem?
Finally, Malcolm David Kelley can come back without us asking ‘why does he look so much older?’ I wonder if they chose to have a kid in the first season just so they could do that ‘three years later’ scene with Hurley and show us how much time has passed.
And what’s with Sayid ‘rescuing’ Hurley from the asylum? And why was there a guy watching the place? Was he waiting for someone to show up – John, Ben? Is that why Sayid killed him, or was he one of the men who was responsible for killing his wife? Perhaps it was both.
Hurley playing chess with Mr. Eko. Creepy. But I’m surprised. Mr. Eko always seemed like a good strategist. I would have thought he would win.
Ben says that all of the survivors have to return to the island, including any corpses. Does that mean Desmond has to go back, too, or is this just an Oceanic Flight 115 reunion?
And what about Kate’s dream? Is it just a self-serving dream – which would not be surprising at all, since this is Kate we’re talking about here – or does Claire really not want Aaron on the island? That doesn’t make sense to me because the psychic way back in season 1 said that Claire had to raise Aaron. And if I were Claire, Kate Austin would be the last person I would want raising my child. But then, Ben did say bad things were happening on the island – assuming he’s not lying…again.
Quickie Questions:
  • What did Sawyer ask Kate to do?
  • Where did the island go?
  • Did everyone/everything make the jump or were others tossed out like Ben?
  • Did Miles stay because he knew the boat was going to go boom or is there something else going on with him?
  • Where is Sayid taking Hurley?
  • Is Jack’s dad dead or not?
  • When does the second half of season four start?

Television is all but ‘lost’ on me

Marxism of the Day:
“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” – Groucho Marx

I know I’m far from the first to be bemoaning the current state of television, but the fact that I’m not the first to complain has never shut me up before.

My respect for the general public has been taking a nose-dive over the past few years. From who they elect into office to what they watch on TV, I believe this proves that the average IQ has to be about, oh…10?

Right now, the husband and I think there are two good, smart shows on television. One is ABC’s surprise hit, “Lost.” The other is Fox’s (yes, FOX’s) comedy, “Arrested Development.” (There are a few other shows that we like but they are often hit-and-miss in terms of quality and are nothing we feel bad about skipping.)

So, it makes me moan in disgust when, after watching a deeply engrossing, intelligently scripted episode of “Lost,” I see the previews for what’s on next – ‘The Bachelor.’ A group of shallow, slutty women trying to get hooked up with a shallow, slutty man. I mean, crap like that on Fox is par for the course, but when tne major networks start running this garbage, you know the public has become shallow and just plain mean. They want to see people who are more pathetic than themselves. People who will sink to such depths that the viewing audience feels far superior and smarter.

Maybe since I was ‘the nerd’ in school I just don’t understand the thrill of watching public humiliation. I know how excrutiatingly painful it is to be the one humiliated so I’ve never gotten off on watching others suffer, even those that deserve it.

Well…if President Bush ever gets what’s truly coming to him, I might take a little pleasure in that, but that’s one public humiliation that I doubt will ever be seen on any public television station.

So, once we move, no more cable. We can only hope reception is good enough on Wednesday nights so we can keep up with “Lost.” If not, we’ll see it when it comes out on DVD. I think our ever-growing DVD collection will keep us entertained.