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66 years too long…

  • Washington Monument: 1888
  • Lincoln Memorial: 1922
  • Jefferson Memorial: 1943
  • Adams Memorial: To be announced

My relatives recently took a trip to D.C. and this just reminded me of my irritation over the fact that John Adams still does not have a Memorial. It looks like this is finally going to be remedied. Architectural designer Rodney M. Cooke Jr. will be coordinating the design of the memorial which will honor John Adams, his wife Abigail Adams, his son John Quincy Adams and his wife Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams.

In my opinion, this has come at least 66 years too late. Adams should have gotten a memorial before Jefferson, despite his not-so-stellar presidency. He did more work toward Independence than Jefferson ever did – he just wasn’t as good with words or with people to get the recognition he deserved. I can identify with that – especially the part about not getting on with people. They can really suck, you know?

Just to prove how much of a nerd I am…

adams.jpgWe don’t have cable – haven’t since we moved from Florida. Except for Turner Classic Movies, we haven’t really missed it much, either. I mean, sure, we sometimes wish we had The SciFi channel to watch “Battlestar Galactica” and BBC America to watch “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood,” but if we really want to see something we’ll get it on DVD. And believe me, it’s so much better watching TV without the commercials – as long as everyone’s getting their fair share from the sale of DVDs (writers, directors, etc. – hint, hint you greedy producers.)

Anyways, I just found myself wishing we had cable so that we could get HBO. Why, you ask, would I want that? Is there some hip, new, edgy series about to premiere?

Nope – a mini-series about John Adams.

A few years ago I saw 1776 (yes, the musical – which is a damn fine movie, no matter what you think, Doug). It got me interested in John Adams. In all of my history classes (and I minored in college) I don’t remember hearing about John Adams – just the usual suspects – Jefferson, Washington, etc. etc. From what I gathered from 1776, Adams seemed to be pretty damn important in that whole Independence thingy.

So, I went out and got David McCoullough’s book (pulitzer prize winning, even) and I loved it. Adams became one of my heroes, despite the repugnant Sedition Act. As an added consequence, Thomas Jefferson was roughly pushed off his pedestal and while I still admire Benjamin Franklin, I don’t think he was as wonderful as he’s usually portrayed.

But then again, I’ve always been rather prudish about how one conducts themselves in public and especially in their work. I’m one of ‘those’ that gets annoyed when someone brings their kid/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. to work.

But I digress. No doubt this mini-series will make it to DVD and I’ll be at least renting it. I’m glad they didn’t cast some stud to play Adams as Hollywood usually does. Paul Giametti is a fine actor and I’m sure he’ll do great in the part. Let’s just hope Laura Linney, who is playing Abigail Adams, is just as good.