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Not again.

Stop telling me to stop freaking out. Stop telling me it’s just another election and life will go on as usual. Maybe for most elections that is true, but not this time.

This person wasn’t elected for any financial ideologies or brilliant national security plans. Almost every endeavor he’s tried has failed and simply stating that he’s going to get rid of ISIS doesn’t make them magically disappear.

He was elected because he told people their irrational fear of the ‘other’ is valid and that he’s going to do everything he can to get rid of and/or suppress the shit out of the ‘other.’

He was elected because his hate and ignorance mirrored the hate and ignorance of so many people in this country.

If he does as he’s promised he’s going to try his best to ruin this Republic. The USA is NOT supposed to be a Democracy where majority rules – we are supposed to be a Republic where Majority rules as long as the rights of the Minority aren’t oppressed.

If you or any of your friends or family are non-white, non-straight and non-male, this election is going to affect them. He is going to appoint Supreme Court judges who could overthrow Gay Marriage, Abortion rights, the separation between church and state. The continued militarization of our police force will continue and be used to ignore and trample the rights of minorities. It’s supposed to be ‘Protect and Serve’ not ‘Suppress and Terrorize.’

If he does even part of what he’s promised this won’t be the land of the free and the home of the brave – it’s going to be land of the oppressed and home of the cowards who can’t deal with anyone different than themselves.

I’m sick for what this means for so many people I love. Their marriages may be deemed null and void, they may be excluded from basic rights, they may be fired simply for how they feel about another human being. It’s not right.

If you are a friend or family member and you voted for Trump, I don’t hate you and I’m not going to stop talking to you. But I am so, so disappointed.


New Family Member

I haven’t written anything personal in this blog since March of 2012. I’ve never made a habit of updating this blog and since China’s death in November of 2011 I just haven’t felt like updating any of my sites, with the exception of the MJFDB.

But now I have something good to blog about and I’m surprised it’s taken me this long. Most likely I’ve put it off because I’m still superstitious and didn’t want to ‘jinx’ it. In fact, I’m still nervous about the so-called jinx huju even though tomorrow is the day.

We adopted a dog. Currently his name is Wags but it seems likely that his name will be changed to Max shortly after he arrives.

A few months ago I was browsing the Pets section of Craigslist just looking at dogs. I wasn’t looking with any real intention of adopting, I just wanted to look at the pooches. I noticed Wags, watched his video and thought he would probably be a good dog for us but we still weren’t ready for that yet.

When we decided we were ready to at least start looking I kept checking out Craigslist and a few weeks ago Wags was posted again. I couldn’t believe he was still available so I read his information more closely.

Wags was in Arkansas and had been at the shelter for several months. Unconditional Love Rescue had noticed him and decided to add him to their group of dogs for which they would try to find a home.

To be completely honest, Wags sounds like he’s a lot like China. We will never be able to replace China but she was such a great fit for us that finding another dog like her seems almost miraculous. I could be wrong though and he may be completely different from China – we won’t really know that for a few months. Hopefully, even if he turns out to be the Yang to China’s Yin he’ll still be a good fit.

We really need a new canine member in this family.

I contacted the rescue, we filled out an application, they talked to me and talked to our vet and we were approved. He arrives tomorrow morning in Kittery, Maine via Got Orphans Transport and we’re very anxious to meet him!

Here’s hoping that he fits in, especially with these two crazy cats.

Wags...being serious

Wags…being serious





Wags’ video

Struggling with Superstition

As anyone who has read my blog knows, I was raised by a christian mother and considered myself a christian until about 5 years ago. I’m now an atheist (I can even spell it correctly) and I’ve done my best to rid myself of all the baggage that comes along with being a christian.

Fred Astaire and Tommy Steele in Finnian's Rainbow

"Don't be superstitious, man. It's bad luck!"

One thing I’ve had trouble getting rid of, however, is my superstitious nature and my belief in the supernatural. One of my biggest problems in this area is ghosts. I still believe in them. I know it’s  irrational and illogical to believe in them and that all those ghost stories can most likely be explained in a scientific way, but I still believe.

And It’s not just that I believe in them – they scare me to death. I get so superstitious about them that I think I can attract them to me by just thinking too much about them – and I think way too much about ghosts for someone who’s never had any kind of ‘supernatural’ occurrence happen to them personally.

I used to actually be able to enjoy ghost story fiction. But now, they scare me so badly that no matter how bad the movie is, I’ll be jumpy for days after seeing a haunted house movie.

On the other hand, if the supernatural force is NOT a ghost, they can creep me out but they don’t keep me scared for long periods of time. For example, you know those horrid Paranormal Activity movies? They would probably scare me if they were about ghosts. The second it was revealed it was about a demon, I wasn’t scared in the least. (Side note: My husband and I actually like those movies, but only because they’re so ridiculous that we can laugh at them and make fun of them. It’s rather cathartic, actually.)

When I saw the American The Grudge remake it scared me so badly that for days I could barely move when it was dark if I thought about it too much. And have you ever tried to NOT think of something? Yeah, it doesn’t work.

One of my favorite horror movies is The Blair Witch Project. I can’t watch it anymore. Too many ghosts. I haven’t even tried to watch one of the best horror movies ever – The Haunting – in a very long time. (The original, not that laughable remake.)

Julie Harris in The Haunting

"Whose hand was I holding?"

So, how do I get over this? I was able to logically come to the conclusion that there is most likely not a god so why can’t I do the same for ghosts? Is it because people I trust have told me true ghost stories? Yes, I’m sure that all of those occurrences can probably be explained but the stories still scare me when I hear them or think about them.

Anyone out there have any good advice for overcoming an irrational superstition? I want to be able to watch “The Changeling” again someday.