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Let’s hope that THIS is what it seems

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Anyone who has known me for more than a month or so knows that my favorite television series of all time is Twin Peaks. I don’t think it was the best show that’s ever aired. I don’t even think it had the best writing or even acting. However, taken as a whole, it is the most unique, mind-boggling, infectious and addictive television program that I’ve ever witnessed. (And I count myself as a Trekker.)

There’s word at that season 2 of Twin Peaks will probably be coming out before the end of 2005. This makes me very happy as the only version of season two sold commercially were on EP Mode VHS tapes. So, after two viewings they have pretty much looked like shit ever since. For a show that was shot so beautifully that’s a real shame.

Hopefully Paramount (who owns the rights) will do as well as Artisan did with season one. The season one set had gorgeous prints and the show looked and sounded better than it did when it originally aired.

Suffice to say this internet buzz has me a bit excited and I do hope that it turns out to be true.

Now, I’m off for a cup of black coffee (as black as midnight on a moonless night) and a piece of miracle cherry pie.

Television is all but ‘lost’ on me

Marxism of the Day:
“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” – Groucho Marx

I know I’m far from the first to be bemoaning the current state of television, but the fact that I’m not the first to complain has never shut me up before.

My respect for the general public has been taking a nose-dive over the past few years. From who they elect into office to what they watch on TV, I believe this proves that the average IQ has to be about, oh…10?

Right now, the husband and I think there are two good, smart shows on television. One is ABC’s surprise hit, “Lost.” The other is Fox’s (yes, FOX’s) comedy, “Arrested Development.” (There are a few other shows that we like but they are often hit-and-miss in terms of quality and are nothing we feel bad about skipping.)

So, it makes me moan in disgust when, after watching a deeply engrossing, intelligently scripted episode of “Lost,” I see the previews for what’s on next – ‘The Bachelor.’ A group of shallow, slutty women trying to get hooked up with a shallow, slutty man. I mean, crap like that on Fox is par for the course, but when tne major networks start running this garbage, you know the public has become shallow and just plain mean. They want to see people who are more pathetic than themselves. People who will sink to such depths that the viewing audience feels far superior and smarter.

Maybe since I was ‘the nerd’ in school I just don’t understand the thrill of watching public humiliation. I know how excrutiatingly painful it is to be the one humiliated so I’ve never gotten off on watching others suffer, even those that deserve it.

Well…if President Bush ever gets what’s truly coming to him, I might take a little pleasure in that, but that’s one public humiliation that I doubt will ever be seen on any public television station.

So, once we move, no more cable. We can only hope reception is good enough on Wednesday nights so we can keep up with “Lost.” If not, we’ll see it when it comes out on DVD. I think our ever-growing DVD collection will keep us entertained.

TCM Celebrates the Movie Musical!

I’m a huge fan of musicals so it made me very happy to find out that Turner Classic Movies is celebrating the movie musical next month.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, TCM will be airing nothing BUT musicals.

I’ve posted the schedule of musicals on my site and have highlighted those that are my favorites.

If you’ve never really given musicals a chance, I highly urge you to do so. No, they’re not ‘realistic,’ and no, they don’t tell you where the music is coming from and how they know the words. Just go with it – use your imagination and let the music do what it’s supposed to do: further the story, evoke an emotion or convey something that simple dialogue could never do.