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Authors, Creators – who needs ‘em?

Since the publication of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, there have been a lot of HP fans who are outraged that Hermione and Ron are the couple as opposed to Hermione and Harry. Some of these people have gone so far as to start petitions for J.K. Rowling to not only apologize for some perceived slight, but to also change her story to fit their desires.

I even read one comment on a petition that said Rowling obviously has lost it and doesn’t know how the story is supposed to go.

These are the people that give fans a bad name. The ones who hate something before it is even released because it isn’t exactly like they would have done it.

So, I thought this comic strip dated July 16, 2007 (which is obviously satire) was hilarious. CLICK HERE

Longest week of the year…

us.jpgThis is it. The last week before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is released.

I have been unable to see the new film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so the wait hasn’t had any reprieve at all.

And now, we’re in the home stretch and the next 6 days seem longer than the last six months.

I pre-ordered the book and I have been promised that it will be here on the release date. I’ve pre-ordered the last three times and I’ve gotten it on the release date two of those three times. If it’s late this time, I think we’re going to end up with two copies by Saturday night.

So, to make the time go a little faster (a turtle’s pace instead of a snail’s pace) I am going to post questions that I hope are answered that haven’t been answered yet from each book.

hpss.jpgHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Year One at Hogwarts. (Also known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Year one at Hogwarts.)

  1. Why did Lord Voldemort kill Harry’s father, apparently with no second thought, but asked Lilly to move aside instead of just blasting her as well?
    1. Theory: Snape asked him not to. Some people think Snape might have been in love with Lilly because she tried to stop James and his friends from taunting him.
  2. Is there a deeper reason Aunt Petunia resented her sister and despised her ‘lifestyle’ or is it just because she’s an utter…um, meanie?
  3. Where is the Mirror of Erised? Seems to me it could be a dangerous weapon if it fell into the wrong hands-such as someone desiring more than anything to find someone so they could kill them.
  4. Is Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback going to make another appearance? (Is that him The Trio are riding in the deluxe edition illustration? (Not shown above – see a few posts ago.))
  5. Did Snape really not know Voldemort was controlling Quirrel? Did he actually think Quirrel was acting for only himself?

Do you have theories for the above questions, or different questions of your own? Post yours in the comments!

Tomorrow – questions from book two, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


NorbertMugglenet has posted artwork for the Deluxe Edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Quite interesting. I think this is the first time riding a dragon has even be alluded to.

To me, it looks like this dragon has a ridge down his neck, and I assume it keeps going down his back. Perhaps this is Norbert, the Norweigan Ridgeback from book one. Hey, it could happen. I’m sure Hagrid would be happy to know he’s alive and well.

How fast do dragons grow, anyway?

Can’t wait for July.

What’s a kid got to do to get a little respect?


Rupert Grint and Julie Walters in Driving Lessons

It was just announced over at MuggleNet that Emma Watson (Hermione Granger, The Harry Potter series) has been nominated for yet another award – an award that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, The Harry Potter Series) has won twice.

I love these three kids – I think they’re near perfect casting for the Trio in the HP films. However, I honestly believe that Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley, The Harry Potter Series) is quite unfairly overlooked.

Take a look at their award nomination listings over at Go ahead, I’ll wait….
Daniel Radcliffe
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint

Do you see what I’m getting at?

I’ve watched all four films many times. Playing Ron Weasley has got to be one of the most thankless jobs out there. Ron is a great character, but he has flaws that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger do not – Ron is the most human character of the trio, period. He’s doesn’t have that need to be a brave hero and he certainly doesn’t have the need to be the biggest know-it-all at Hogwarts. What Ron needs and wants is to pass his classes, play a little Quidditch and hopefully survive being Harry Potter’s best friend. He can be quite selfish and pig-headed, often misunderstanding things that are perfectly clear to almost everyone else, and he sometimes has a too-great desire for a little glory despite his frequent boughts of insecurity and his unlucky fear of spiders, be they small or giant.

Rupert Grint brings all of this to Ron with a subtlety that Radcliffe and Watson could never hope to master. Radcliffe sometimes so underplays his part that I often wonder if Harry’s a bit stoned. On the other hand, Watson so over-acts that when Hermione rolls her eyes at something silly I’m afraid her eyeballs are going to pop out of their sockets. I still think they’re well cast, but their inexperience often shows.
Grint gets it just right despite the underwriting of his character. Poor Ron hasn’t come off so well in the last two movies and I’ve heard that his ‘Weasley is our King’ storyline isn’t going to be included in the 5th film at all. I suppose that means Grint’s main job is going to be standing between Harry and Hermione, gaping in horror at things that happen around him while Harry fights and Hermione calculates.

But I betcha he’ll be the most convincing of the three.

I’m glad to hear that he (and Radcliffe) are working outside of the Potter franchise. I have to be honest when I say that I’m probably not going to go out of my way to see the Radcliffe film, but I will definitely be on the look out for Driving Lessons when it hits the US. Hopefully Radcliffe and Watson will mature into better performers, but since Grint is already at that level, I’m really looking forward to how much better he’s going to get.

For more information about Ruper Grint, check out

My Harry Potter Book 7 Questions

It’s going to be at least another year before the last Harry Potter book hits the shelves, but already people are speculating about what is going to happen and what questions will – and will not – be answered in the last installment of the Harry Potter epic.

Here are some of the questions I hope are answered in the last book (but I won’t cry and pout if they aren’t):

  • Along with every other Harry Potter fan, I want to know once and for all who Snape is working for. (Perhaps only himself?)
  • In book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, what was it that Sirius fell through? (I personally question whether or not Sirius is dead, which is why I’d really like to know what that thing was) Additionally, why were only certain people apparently able to hear voices coming from it?
  • Why was Nearly Headless Nick beheaded, and why did he choose not to pass on?
  • In book 2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, just HOW did they get that Mandrake potion into Nearly Headless Nick? Ghosts can’t eat or drink so I’m just curious.
  • Why were Harry’s parents relatively well-off? What were their occupations? Were they professional Aurors?
  • What did Dudley Dursley see when the Dementor attacked him in book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?
  • Is Jim Dale ever going to get a role in one of the films? (Okay, that’s not book-related, but I do wonder why he hasn’t been given something!)

I’m sure there are other questions that I’ll come up with, but I think that’s good for a start. 🙂

Nozz-a-la…here to refresh everyone

20050113_nozzala.gif This site was pointed out on a mailing list that I am a member of and I must say that’s an ingenious little site.

If you’re a fan of the Stephen King Dark Tower series you’ll find it quite amusing and very well done. It almost had me convinced for a moment.

If you’re not a fan of the Dark Tower series, this post will probably make very little sense to you. My suggestion? Go read the books so you can share in the joke.