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I’m it

I’ve been tagged by DKM. I don’t normally do Memes, but this one’s a bit different so I thought I’d participate.

The rules are:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

I just got the new Stephen King Book Duma Key which is sitting here next to my desk, so here it goes:

“The sea oats belong, but the rest of that shit has no business growing witout irrigation. Somebody better investigate, that’s what I think.”

“My daughter and I went exploring one day.”

When stupid people ruin it all…

I’m a big Stephen King fan. It was kind of unavoidable growing up in my house. My mother was a fan before most of the world knew King’s name.

This past week I finally got a copy of two of his newer releases, Duma Key and Blaze. Duma Key was written by Stephen King. Blaze was written back in 1973 by his alter-ego, Richard Bachman.

I haven’t read every Bachman book, but every one I have read I really, really like. Even though ‘Stephen King’ seeps through sometimes, they really do feel like they’re written by someone else. As much as I love Stephen King, I think I like Richard Bachman better. of course, his output wasn’t nearly as prolific as King’s, so there was less chance of hitting sour notes (*cough* Tommyknockers *cough*). So, I chose to read Blaze first.

I read the introduction this morning and a couple of things really disturbed me. First, the front page that lists other books by Richard Bachman. There was one glaring omission. And then, in the introduction by Stephen King, that omission is mentioned but dismissed as a mistake!

I know why he feels the way he does about Rage. I suppose if something I wrote influenced someone to commit violent acts, I wouldn’t look so kindly on that work either. However, I personally think Rage is one of the best things he ever wrote. It just so happens that I’m not a disturbed, anti-social human who reads it and thinks, “Hey, I sympathize with this character (which I do) therefore, I should try to emulate him and do exactly what he does.”

The book is no longer in print.

I don’t like censorship. I don’t like limiting freedoms because of the stupidity of others. I choose to wear my seatbelt – but I don’t think it should be required for anyone over 18. I personally don’t like guns, but I also don’t have a problem if an adult who can prove they’re responsible with firearms has one. This list could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point.

It all reminds me of when I was a kid. I loved bottle rockets, but when I was around 8 or so I leaned over the bottle – right after my dad told me not to. I was therefore banned from bottle rockets for a very long time. When I was finally allowed to shoot them again, I never – ever- leaned over the bottle again. My parents made my safety their responsibility, and no one else’s. Most of my friend’s parents seemed to parent in this same manner as well.

So, why is it, that my generation is raising a mess of spoiled, pampered, ‘nothing is your fault, dear – it’s society’s’ assholes? I’ve met some exceptions, certainly, but for the most part, the next generation is a bunch of passing-the-buck jerks!

I have yet to figure out when and why this mental shift happened. Was it a ‘I want to be friends with my kids because I personally thought my parents were tyrants’ attitude? Or were we raised by parents who were too lenient as well and we just continued this trend?

Ugh. I could continue to bitch about today’s kids, but I suppose I should stop. I mean, I’m only 35. What am I going to be like when I’m 60? Hee hee.

Just to prove how much of a nerd I am…

adams.jpgWe don’t have cable – haven’t since we moved from Florida. Except for Turner Classic Movies, we haven’t really missed it much, either. I mean, sure, we sometimes wish we had The SciFi channel to watch “Battlestar Galactica” and BBC America to watch “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood,” but if we really want to see something we’ll get it on DVD. And believe me, it’s so much better watching TV without the commercials – as long as everyone’s getting their fair share from the sale of DVDs (writers, directors, etc. – hint, hint you greedy producers.)

Anyways, I just found myself wishing we had cable so that we could get HBO. Why, you ask, would I want that? Is there some hip, new, edgy series about to premiere?

Nope – a mini-series about John Adams.

A few years ago I saw 1776 (yes, the musical – which is a damn fine movie, no matter what you think, Doug). It got me interested in John Adams. In all of my history classes (and I minored in college) I don’t remember hearing about John Adams – just the usual suspects – Jefferson, Washington, etc. etc. From what I gathered from 1776, Adams seemed to be pretty damn important in that whole Independence thingy.

So, I went out and got David McCoullough’s book (pulitzer prize winning, even) and I loved it. Adams became one of my heroes, despite the repugnant Sedition Act. As an added consequence, Thomas Jefferson was roughly pushed off his pedestal and while I still admire Benjamin Franklin, I don’t think he was as wonderful as he’s usually portrayed.

But then again, I’ve always been rather prudish about how one conducts themselves in public and especially in their work. I’m one of ‘those’ that gets annoyed when someone brings their kid/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. to work.

But I digress. No doubt this mini-series will make it to DVD and I’ll be at least renting it. I’m glad they didn’t cast some stud to play Adams as Hollywood usually does. Paul Giametti is a fine actor and I’m sure he’ll do great in the part. Let’s just hope Laura Linney, who is playing Abigail Adams, is just as good.

No surprise

Which Early 19th Century Literary Heroine Are You?

You are Jane Eyre, from Charlotte Bronte’s excellent book of the same name. Jane might not be pretty, but she is dedicated and determined to make her own way in the world. she is confident and smart, and doesn’t let the world get her down, even though it tries a lot.

5% of people had this result.

Taste the quiz

The waiting is over…

My book is here. I will be pretty much unavailable until Monday.

Turns out there was one of those Diagon Alley parties in Portland, Maine last night. I didn’t know about it. Oh, how you’ve failed me MuggleNet! (Just kidding 🙂 )

HP Questions: Book 6

Well, tomorrow is the day. For some of you, less than 5 hours. For me, it has to wait until tomorrow. My husband knows when the UPS guys normally delivers, but he refuses to tell me. I might be refusin’ later too, if you know what I mean. Hmph.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Year 6 at Hogwarts

  1. The obvious: Who is Snape working for? I’m leaning toward the Order of the Phoenix, but I won’t be shocked if I’m wrong.
  2. Who will live, who will die? I honestly have no idea and have not even tried to guess, even for myself. I don’t think anyone is safe, including the Trio.
  3. How will things end between Harry and the Dursleys? I highly doubt they’re going to give him a going away party. Well…not one that he’s invited to. But I certainly hope it’s a bit more than, “Well, won’t be seein’ ya.”
  4. Will Draco redeem himself? He obviously did not want to kill Dumbledore. I think he’s a little shit and always will be, but so is Snape and I personally think he’s fighting on the ‘good’ side.
  5. Jenny seems like a very strong-willed girl. Is she going to let Harry get away with that ‘I can’t date you because my enemies will try to hurt you’ crap? How many times have we heard this from superheroes? It’s macho, BS bunk.
  6. Will we see Bill and Fleur’s wedding? Will Percy the Prat attend?
  7. Will Grawp have a hand in coercing some giants over to the good side?
  8. Will the Weasley twins be known as heroes for their anti-dark arts products?
  9. Is Scrimgeour going to help or just be in the way?
  10. What are the House Elves going to do, if anything? In particular, what will Kreacher do ? Rowling told the HP film-makers that they best leave him in the 5th film or they were going to have problems in the 7th, so he’s obviously important to the plot – and I highly doubt he’s going to be giving Harry secrets of dark wizards.
    1. I think Dobby should get to put the smack down on Kreacher. Elf fight!
  11. Will we see Inferi? Will any of them be people Harry knows? Ewwww

Gee, I better stop here or I’ll be posting all night. Well, it would make the hours go by quicker…

HP Questions: Book 5

Less than two days from now, I will have the newest Harry Potter book in these here hands…and if the husband tries to sneak it away, it’ll be upside his head in a flash. 🙂

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Year 5 at Hogwarts

Will Doloros Umbridge ever get what she deserves? By sending the dementors after Harry, she was guilty of attempted murder. She still works at the ministry. What the hell is up with that?

What did Dudley see when the Dementors were making him relive his worst memory? Was it that time when he thought he was getting less presents for his birthday than the year before? Oh, poor Dudders. :p

What is the purpose of the Department of Mysteries? To hide the truth from the wizarding community, or protect it?

Who did Luna Lovegood see die?

Will Neville Longbottom’s parents ever get better?

Will Gilderoy Lockhart ever regain all of his memory?

Is Snape good enough at Occlumency to keep Voldemort out?

Will Snape ever let go of the past and realize that the sins of the father should not be passed on to the son?

What is the ‘Veil’ that Sirius fell through and what were the voices that some people could hear? Some of the adults who told Harry that Sirius was dead seemed to know more about it than they would tell.

Is Sirius really dead?

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow night, the 6th book and then Saturday, the beginning of the end. Whee!!

HP Questions: Book 3 & 4

Since I missed last night’s post, I’ll do both the third and fourth HP book questions tonight. So, let’s get on with it.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Year Three at Hogwarts

  1. Why do the Dursley’s hate Harry with such a passion? Is it simply because they despise anything that’s out of the norm – which is how it appears – or is it something more?
  2. This isn’t really one of my ‘questions’ but I’ve always wondered about that first conversation Aunt Petunia had with Uncle Vernon about her sister and ‘those’ people.

Well, um, that’s all I can think of for Book Three, believe it or not. So, on to

  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Year Four at Hogwarts
  1. This question isn’t really about the story. On the back of the US hardcover edition, there is a creature with a long beak and long, curly antennae. What the hell is that thing?
  2. Will anything come of S.P.E.W. in the wizard community at large?
  3. Why do the House Elves seem to genuinely enjoy being slaves? Were they enchanted in the past? Perhaps they have an innate desire to please and wizards of the past perverted this into something that would benefit them?
  4. Will Dobby ever completely get over his urge to hurt himself every time he talks badly of the Malfoys?
  5. In the course of this book, Harry gives his Marauders Map to the fake Alastair Moody. In Book 5, Harry has the map back. When did he get it back and who gave it to him?
  6. Here’s one I’ve seen elsewhere and something I found very odd when I read it. Why did Dumbledore, upon hearing of the manner of which Voldemort was resurrected have a ‘triumphant gleam’ in his eye? When I first read that, I was almost convinced Dumbledore was on Voldemort’s side. Pretty silly, huh?
    1. Theory: Perhaps the fact that Harry’s blood now flows through Voldemort’s veins will give Harry an unexpected edge against him. That in the addition of the same phoenix giving feathers for both of their wands might come into play in the final battle.
  7. How will Wormtail replay his life-debt to Harry?

Fewer questions than I thought, but there’s still two more books. See ya tomorrow night!

My HP Questions: Book Two

hp2cos.jpgDay two of this long week until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows brings me to my questions from book two, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Year Two at Hogwarts.

  1. In every book, at least once and sometimes more than that, Hermione reminds everyone that no one can apparate inside Hogwarts grounds. So – what about house elves? Dobby does it twice in this book – the first time when he visits Harry in the hospital and then ‘pops’ away and the second time after he’s put the smack-down on Lucius Malfoy. I highly doubt this is ‘sloppy writing’ on Rowling’s part, since, like I said, we are almost beaten over the head with this no apparating state of Hogwarts.
    1. Theory: Perhaps they can do it simply because they are there to do housework and need a faster way to get around. Most wizards obviously don’t take them very seriously and therefore probably don’t think much about it.
  2. This question is one my husband is always asking me: If Wizards can create food out of thin air with their wands, can fix anything, can transfigure objects into something else – why are there poor wizards? If the Weasley’s house is held together by magic, why can’t they ‘magic up’ a better house? I mean, the Burrow is nifty but is often portrayed as almost falling apart. And why should any of them have to wear antique dress robes – transfigure the damn things into something presentable.
  3. Has the school ever been sued over that Whomping Willow?
  4. Why was Nearly Headless Nick (nearly) beheaded in the first place? He seems like such a nice guy. Was he a whistle blower way back in the day and had to be killed to shut him up…or is it something more sinister? Hmmmm.
  5. Tom Riddle – Lord Voldemort – told Harry that Hagrid had tried to raise werewolf cubs under his bed while they were both at Hogwarts. Assuming this is true (and we know how trustworthy that snake is – bleah) how would werewolf cubs come about? In later books, it’s established that werewolves become so when they are bitten by another werewolf. Are cubs the product of two werewolves? Personally, I’ll just keep thinking that Voldemort was exaggerating to make his point.

I think that’s all I have for tonight. How about you?