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Is anyone else getting really, really annoyed with how obnoxious, intolerant and downright asshole-ish Bucky Katt has become the last few months? I’m waiting for the day that Rob finally takes the little shit and drop kicks him out the front door.

What the better half does

My husband is a writer, and a pretty good one. (Don’t listen to what he says about himself – he’s one of those ‘his own worst critic’ types.)

Last week his first comic to be released this year came out: Kolchak – Night Stalker of the Living Dead – and it’s gotten a nice review over HERE. He’s a big fan of the character and although I’ve only seen a few episodes of the original series it’s clear that he really gets Carl Kolchak.

Later this year (June) a three-issue mini-series of his comic Femme Noir is coming out, and it’s already getting good press. He’s been working on Femme Noir for years – it was a webcomic on his first web site back in 1999 and now it’s made the jump to print with all new stories. If you like old films of the noir and/or horror persuasion or like old pulp novels, this one would be right up your alley.

And later this year or early next year another three-issue mini-series will be released of another title, Perils on Planet X. It’s science fiction/fantasy along the lines of ‘John Carter of Mars,’ ‘Flash Gordon‘ and ‘Buck Rogers (the comic and old serials, not the 70’s tv show.)

As you can tell his writing subjects are as eclectic as his tastes and in my opinion he does a wonderful job on all of them.

Over here, you can see a list of other comics he’s done in the past. (This listing is not complete yet).